Eyelid Lift Versus Brow Lift

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Does the appearance of your eyes make you look tired, old or angry? A plastic surgeon can help. Many patients know they need rejuvenation through their eyes but are unsure as to whether they qualify for an eyelid lift, brow lift – or both!

While a brow lift and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) are both procedures that enhance your appearance and combat the signs of facial aging, they are two very different procedures that are performed on two different aspects of the face. Here is a closer look at what each of these facial plastic surgeries entail and what they are intended to address.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that alters the position of the brow. It can address excess skin on the forehead, eliminate wrinkles and open up the eyes. Brow lifts are an excellent choice for those who have drooping (sagging) brows, an unsightly hairline and an aged appearance throughout the eyes. There are many types of brow lifts with various techniques and incision placement, including the Endoscopic brow lift, Direct brow lift, Temporal brow lift and more.

Eyelid Lift

A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a separate procedure that is designed to get rid of excess skin and fat on the lower and/or upper eyelids. In result, the eyes are refreshed and incisions can be well-hidden in the natural creases of the eyelid. An upper blepharoplasty addresses heavy or sagging eyelids that may or may not impede vision, while a lower blepharoplasty addresses under-eye bags and puffiness. Eyelid surgery can drastically brighten the eyes, but it does not change the shape of the eyes.

Which Procedure is Best for You?

What if you have sagging brows and heavy eyelids? Will a brow lift address dropping eyelids too? In general, if you also have drooping eyelids but it goes away when you raise or reposition the brows, then a brow lift may be the most suitable procedure for you.

While droopiness of the upper eyelid may be because of lower brow position, some patients may benefit from both a blepharoplasty and a brow lift to achieve the most improved, lifted and rejuvenated results. The two procedures can typically be performed efficiently in just one surgery.

At Beverly Hills Center, we recognize that every face is different. To determine whether a brow lift or eyelid lift is best for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our nationally-recognized facial plastic surgeon. Call today to book your visit with Dr. Ben Talei.

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