Don’t Let Droopy Eyelids Bring You Down

The eyes are one of the first areas of your face that show signs of aging. Unfortunately, this can also be the most noticeable. Over time the upper eyelid often start to droop or sag. This may even be an inherited characteristic. Not only can this affect your vision, but it also gives you an old, tired and sad appearance even if you feel energetic and happy. The good news is that there is a procedure called blespharoplasty that can lift your upper eyelids instantly and make your look refreshed and younger. Even better, this procedure can typically be performed without general anesthesia, which quickens and eases recovery time.

How is an upper eyelid lift, or blespharoplasty, performed?

Your first step after considering an eyelid lift is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ben Talei is a specialist in eyelid reconstruction and he takes careful consideration of eyelid position, brow position, skin or muscle excess, and the presence or lack of fat around the eyes before recommending the best surgical technique.

During the actual procedure, your surgeon will make an incision along the natural lines or creases of your eyelids. Through these cuts, your surgeon will separate the skin from the underlying tissue and remove the excess fat, skin, and muscle. Next, the surgeon will close those cuts with very small stitches that can generally be removed in less than a week. Many patients elect to have both their upper and lower eyelids done at the same time. Most blespharoplasty procedures take 1-2 hours and can leave you fully recovered and back to your busy life in 3-5 days. Eyelid lift surgeries rarely need to be repeated.

Because an eyelid lift does not address surrounding wrinkles (crow’s feet) or dark circles under the eyes, this procedure is often combined with facial fillers or laser resurfacing to give your face a completely rejuvenated look. If your sagging eyelids are making you look older or more tired than you really are, find out more about blespharoplasty. It is a simple procedure that can take years off of your appearance. Eyelid lift surgery can not only change how others see you, but how you see other people!

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