Do I Need Cheek Lift or Facelift?

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As we age, gravity pulls down the soft tissues of the cheeks. This sagging of the midface region can reveal sunken cheeks, lower eyelid bags and deep nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose. For many, volume loss and laxity in the cheeks are among the first signs of aging.

A cheek lift can be performed with endoscopic technique. Patients benefit from limited, well-hidden incisions within the scalp, and minimal recovery time. This cheek lift method can help patients achieve dramatic rejuvenation across the midface as the soft tissues are lifted and repositioned over the cheek bones. Although this is an excellent solution for many younger patients who have isolated aging in the cheeks, it is not the answer for those that also have loose skin and excessive sagging in the neck and jowls.

A facelift is more suited for individuals who need improvement in both the midface and neck region. An elite surgeon, such as Dr. Ben Talei, can implement deep plane facelift techniques. This approach is the first of its kind to effectively address neck bands, deep marionette lines and heavy jowls as well as provide long-lasting and natural-looking correction to the cheeks and nasolabial folds. A deep plane facelift involves lifting the entire SMAS layer (or the framework of tissue that supports the muscles and skin of the face) and repositioning it to a more youthful contour. While traditional facelift techniques create a pulled or “worked on” appearance, a deep plane facelift can address the jowls and midface without tension.

A consultation is needed to determine if an endoscopic cheek lift or facelift is best for you. Dr. Talei will perform a thorough evaluation of your face, with special consideration to which regions of the face are affected by aging. In general, patients without concerns in the jowls or neck will benefit most from a cheek lift procedure. Keep in mind that your cheek lift can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as an eyelid lift, brow lift or laser resurfacing, for a more dramatic and youthful result.

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