Correcting Saddle Nose Deformity


When prominent features of the face, such as the nose, are deformed or unsightly, it can cause drastic threats to one’s overall appearance and self-confidence. Saddle nose deformity is an example of one of most devastating nasal deformities. Not only does it greatly affect one’s appearance, but breathing ability and quality of life may also be compromised.

Saddle nose deformity can range from a mild depression on the nasal bridge that affects your profile to a severe nasal collapse that alters the tip and height of your nose and obstructs your breathing. Regardless of the severity of your saddle nose deformity, you’ll find an experienced nasal plastic surgeon who can help at Beverly Hills Center.

What is Saddle Nose Deformity?

Saddle nose deformity, also referred to as “boxers’ nose”, occurs when the septum cartilage (mid nose support) is either is damaged, weakened or collapsed. This produces an unsightly concavity or “saddle” on the bridge of nose and can compromise breathing in more severe cases.

Saddle nose deformity can develop as a result of nasal trauma, previous nasal surgery (aggressive septoplasty or rhinoplasty), certain autoimmune disorders or sniffing recreational drugs. Dr. Ben Talei values the importance of taking measures to diagnose the underlying cause of your nasal collapse prior to surgery. Saddle nose repair surgery may involve a number of surgical techniques, depending on the severity of your concerns. Your nasal reconstruction may involve cartilage grafts, bone grafts or implants. It can also require a septum perforation repair in some cases. Dr. Talei will carefully explain your reconstructive options and the best approach for repair so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment plan.

Saddle nose repair is a life-changing procedure for many patients. If you are looking for a renowned facial plastic surgeon who specializes in correcting nose deformities, call Beverly Hills Center to schedule your consult.

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