Common Goals for Asian Rhinoplasty

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We come in all different shapes and sizes. And while each face is unique, our ethnic background can often play a considerable role in certain features, tendencies and characteristics. When it comes to your nose, your ethnicity is especially influential. However, your Asian, African American or Hispanic descent may not produce the nasal characteristics you want. That’s why many patients turn to ethnic rhinoplasty for help. Dr. Ben Talei is a renowned rhinoplasty surgeon with specialized training in improving the noses of all ethnic backgrounds.

When it comes to Asian rhinoplasty, there are some commonalities among patient requests. The Asian nasal structure is typically flatter, broader and can even lack a distinctive bridge. Asians also typically have a more triangular shaped nose. For these reasons, Asian nose-reshaping often involves the following:

Increasing the bridge height and width.
A graft can be used to increase the height of the bridge, which can be a patient’s own cartilage. When the bridge height is increased, the width of the bridge is automatically increased as well, in most cases.
Reshaping the nasal tip
This helps to reduce the often round tip of the Asian nose, which is due to thicker skin and weak cartilage. Reshaping techniques can also involve adjusting the projection of the nasal tip. Grafting methods are typically used to accomplish this.
Reducing the flared base of the nose
Asians tend to have nostrils that flare out. There are specialized rhinoplasty techniques that can bring in the outward curve of the nostrils and create a narrower nasal base.

Overall Goal of Asian Rhinoplasty
Perhaps most importantly is the skill in improving the overall look of the nose without altering the unique markers of the Asian cultural identity. In all cases of ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Talei is careful to meet the goals of the patient by balancing the nose with the overall face while preserving the most natural appearance.

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