Burn Scar Treatment: Put the Past Behind You

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Facial scars of any kind can be disfiguring. But when the scar is a result of a traumatic burn injury, it can be especially upsetting. Facial burn scars can not only be a physical reminder of a painful event, but they can also form in ways that limit your facial functions, such as your ability to smile, chew, drink or open and close your eyes.

Skin burns can be a result of chemicals, the sun, radiation and electricity. Burns cause skin cells to die. When the skin is damaged, the body naturally tries to heal itself by producing a protein called collagen. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in a uniform or natural-looking pattern. As the skin heals, it is common to see areas of thickness and discoloration. This is how scars form.

While scars are the body’s natural healing process, it is common to want them removed when they appear on the face. They can draw attention to the unsightly area and become a serious source of embarrassment or low self-esteem. Burn scars tend to be some of the most severe and disfiguring scars.

Severity of the Burn Affects Scarring

First-degree burns are considered superficial partial thickness burns. This occurs when only the outer epidermis layer of the skin is damaged. Your skin may be red, painful and dry but without blisters. A first-degree burn could simply be a bad sunburn. These types of burns do not produce scars, but the pigmentation of the affected area can change.

When the burn is more severe, it is recognized as a deep partial thickness burn. This may result in pain as well as whiteness on the burn site. A third-degree burn will leave a scar since it involves damage to all layers of the skin.

Plastic Surgery for Burn Scars

The good news is that a skilled plastic surgeon can treat your burn scar, which means lessening its appearance and restoring the area of skin to a more natural appearance and texture. Dr. Talei’s preferred treatment for burn scars is to use facial flaps to replace the burn-damaged skin. Beyond this, there are a host of laser treatments that can work to smooth and restore the scarred skin. While disfiguring burn scars cannot be fully eliminated, they can be dramatically improved.

If you are ready to put your traumatic burn injury behind you, contact Dr. Talei in Beverly Hills. He is known for his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and burn scars typically involve both functional reconstruction and cosmetic improvement.

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