Broken Nose Repair: Why Timing is Important

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The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. Due to its protruding position and thin nature of bone structure, it is also common for the nose to break. A broken nose can occur during a direct blow to the face or an accidental fall. Regardless, it is very important to treat or repair the nose when it suffers such damage, as it can affect your appearance as well as your breathing function. Not only should you let a professional repair your broken nose, but it needs to be done in a timely manner!

Dangers of Not Repairing Your Nose Fracture Soon Enough

When the nose breaks, it will typically repair itself in about a two-week time frame. So why do you need the intervention of plastic surgeon? More times than not, the nose will heal itself the wrong way. This means the appearance of your nose could be threatened (crooked) or your breathing is compromised (due to collapsed or crooked bones in the nose).

Repairing A Broken Nose

It is recommended that you seek broken nose repair or reconstructive nose surgery within 14 days of your injury. This makes for a more conservative and successful surgery and recovery. A physician can manually reposition the delicate bones and cartilage of the nose so that it can heal properly and to its original position. You can expect to wear a nose splint for a period of days after your surgery to hold the nose in place as it heals.

Is Rhinoplasty Still an Option Months or Years Later?

It is far too common for patients who break their nose to miss the two-week deadline on repair. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live with a crooked, offset or stuffy nose the rest of your life. Rhinoplasty can still be performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive techniques. This nose surgery may involve a more complicated approach to ensure both breathing and aesthetics are properly addressed.

Rhinoplasty and Facial Reconstructive Surgery in Beverly Hills

Did you break your nose? Whether it was in the last week or the last decade, Dr. Ben Talei can help you in Beverly Hills. He is a highly skilled rhinoplasty surgeon with elite talent in reconstructive surgeries for the nose. Our Beverly Hills office performs nasal fracture repair, revision rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty and more. Call today to schedule your consult.

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