Big Ears are a Small Problem for a Skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon

Young woman pointing at her ear.

Do you have a child with large ears who is being teased at school? Are you a woman who avoids wearing her hair up due to oversized or protruding ears? Just like other facial features, if the ears are not in proportion with the rest of the face, it can distract from your natural beauty. However, with the help of an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, the appearance of your ears can be corrected and your confidence restored.

Otoplasty (ear reduction surgery) or ear pinning is a cosmetic surgery used to improve big ears and address congenital deformities of the ear. Otoplasty is a very conventional and highly sought-after procedure that can be life changing for many patients. This procedure demands both skill and artistry to create natural looking results and restore the ears to their ideal shape, position and proportion.

Candidates for Otoplasty surgery include those with the following ear anomalies:

  • Excessively Large Ears (Marcotia)
  • Protruding or Misshaped Ears
  • Prominent Ear Deformity
  • Lop Ear Deformity

Minimally Invasive Ear Reduction Surgery

Ear pinning or ear reduction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where incisions are discreetly made behind the ears. Depending on the needs of the patient, Dr. Talei can reshape the cartilage of the ear, remove excess skin or tissue as well as position the ears closer to the head. Regardless of what your needs are, you can trust that we will provide beautifully sculpted and naturally balanced results.

At Beverly Hills Center, we always conduct a detailed evaluation of your overall facial aesthetics before proceeding with otoplasty. This allows Dr. Talei to carefully consider your unique skin and bone structure as well as listen to your specific goals for surgery. While otoplasty is beneficial and quite common for children who have protruding ears, the procedure should not be performed until after the ears have reached their full growth, or between 5 and 6 years old.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Ben Talei

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