AuraSilk: Are You Giving Your Skin What It Needs to Heal?

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Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? While skin loses its elasticity and form as we age, healthy skin can still retain the ability to regenerate and heal itself after an injury throughout our lifetime. Each person’s skin heals may heal a little differently, but there are certain internal and external factors that help all skin heal more effectively and efficiently.

Many patients who are considering plastic surgery are excited about the results, but apprehensive about the way their skin may heal. After all, plastic surgery involves an incision of some type and size. This is an injury to the skin, and your skin will respond by unleashing its healing mechanisms. For those that have undergone cosmetic surgery, it is important that the healing of skin be accomplished in the most seamless and aesthetically-pleasing way possible.

If you are nervous about scarring or how your skin incisions may heal after surgery, we invite you to consider supplementing your skin with essential nutrients, such as those found in AuraSilk’s healing oil by Dr. Ben Talei.

Understanding Wound Healing

Understanding why your skin may need some extra TLC after surgery starts with understanding the extraordinarily complex process of wound healing. How your skin heals first begins with how deep the injury is. For example, a scrape of the epidermis (outer layer) that doesn’t bleed heals easily and quickly. However, deeper wounds that extend to the dermis or body fat layer can be much more complicated, as these inner layers involve blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, oil glands as well as the support structures of collagen and elastin.

Whether accidental or purposeful, a cut in the skin instantly triggers a chain of events involving blood clots, growth factors, white blood cells and other components to start repairing the damaged skin. Underneath a simple scab are collagen producing fibroblast cells that are trying to reconnect your skin tissues and repair the skin.

Not only is it important to prevent bacteria and infection during this healing period, but it is also critical to give your skin what it needs to look its best after an injury. This includes many factors, such as extra moisture to prevent the wound from drying out and protection from the sun, which can promote inflammation and impede the rebuilding process. If you are a smoker, diabetic or on certain medications, your skin may need even more help to heal properly.

The AuraSilk Solution

After witnessing countless patients recover from plastic surgery and realizing the importance of optimal skin healing, Dr. Ben Talei has formulated a unique oil to help patients avoid unsightly scarring and other complications in skin repair. AuraSilk is a carefully crafted blend of over 20 essential oils that work together to give your skin what it needs after cosmetic surgery. It is safe for all skin types and offers sun protection as well as powerful anti-inflammatory and lipid restoring properties. AuraSilk is ideal for post-surgery application but can also be used after laser and peel treatments.

Give your skin what it needs to heal best. Contact The Beverly Hills Center today to learn more about the comprehensive benefits of Dr. Talei’s AuraSilk Healing Oil. Be sure to take advantage of our current AuraSilk offers when ordering!

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