Aging Eyebrows

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No part of your body is exempt from getting older. In fact, even your eyebrows age! While it may not seem like a big deal, the change in the shape, fullness and contour of your eyebrows can drastically impact the way your eyes and upper face appear. In fact, aging brows can subtly add years to your overall complexion. Here’s a closer look at what to look for as your brows age and what you can do to help rejuvenate your eyes.

During adolescence, most of us were learning how to tame our thick full eyebrows. While the trend for attractive eyebrows have changed over the decades, one thing remains, youthful eyebrows tend to be fuller and longer. Unfortunately, what we see as we age are eyebrows that become sparse and patchy. The tail and front of the brow will also tend to recede, and it is not uncommon to find white or grey hairs in the eyebrows as you reach your 50’s or 60’s. The loss of hair color in the brows will also cause them to be coarser than they used to be. Finally, and most notably, the eyebrows lose their youthful arch as we age, which can pull down the eyes and make them look droopy or sad.

Rejuvenating the Eyes

With the help of makeup pencils and cosmetic products, there are certainly ways to “re-create” the eyebrows you had in your twenties. However, if you still suffer from droopy eyes despite your morning “brow drawing” ritual, you may need to consider a more permanent correction for your aging eyes.

Dr. Ben Talei has a keen understanding of how the eyelids and brows change as we get older. If your eyebrows are sparse as well as heavy or sagging, there is no makeup pencil that can correct them. Instead, an eyebrow lift may be the most effective and lasting solution.

Eyebrow lifts are ideal for patients who are experiencing the impact of lost skin elasticity as they have gotten older, which can include frown lines, heavy eyebrows, a wrinkled forehead, excessive eyelid skin and sagging jowls. Dr. Talei can reverse the impact of sagging skin around the upper face with a number of procedures and approaches, including a brow lift or forehead lift. You may even qualify for an endoscopic brow lift that involves minimal discomfort and less recovery.

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