3D Telescopic Rhinoplasty: A Better Nose Job

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High tech, high definition imaging has improved countless surgeries across multiple medical fields. In terms of cosmetic surgery, the advantages are even more profound. High-def imaging can mean more accurate surgical excisions, which means better results, less scarring and faster recovery. In terms of plastic surgery, this is a welcome benefit for patients.

When integrating the most advanced imaging with rhinoplasty, the 3D Telescopic approach is superior. It takes a highly trained surgeon and an expensive piece of equipment, so not all plastic surgeons offer this innovative rhinoplasty technique. It is also reserved for closed rhinoplasty procedures.

The high-definition imaging used in a 3D Telescopic rhinoplasty can greatly enhance the surgical outcome by improving the surgeon’s view of the inside of the nose during surgery. A telescope device is used to project a 3D view on a screen for the doctor’s reference throughout the procedure. In many closed rhinoplasty cases, the anesthetic injections and natural swelling of the nose when beginning surgery will cause the bridge of the nose to appear larger than it really is. Consequently, the surgeon may feel the need to remove more tissue than is actually necessary. With the 3D Telescopic technique, the surgeon can make more accurate excisions. This leaves the patient with better results and faster healing due to less tissue trauma.

Dr. Talei proudly uses endonasal telescopes during rhinoplasty whenever possible. To find out if your nose job is eligible for this state-of-the-art approach, please call our office today to schedule a 3D Telescopic Rhinoplasty consultation. At our leading facial plastic surgery practice, we always pursue ways to improve your results and accelerate your healing when it comes to plastic surgery.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Ben Talei

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