Ben Talei, MD
Board Certified.
Dual Fellowship Trained.
Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Los Angeles Port Wine Stain Removal

Port wine stains (Naevus Flammeus) are birthmarks that appear at birth, caused by an over abundance of blood vessels in the area. These capillary malformations can be large in size and cosmetically unsightly. At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Ben Talei offers the most advanced technology in port wine stain removal and birthmark removal.

While most birthmarks remain unseen, port wine stains can vary in color from a pale pink to a deep purple color. The trouble is that these birthmarks generally occur on the face, neck, shoulders and chest.

Port wine stains can be successfully treated and greatly diminished through cutting edge laser therapy treatments. These laser treatments must be given in a series over a period of time, but they can dramatically improve the look of the birthmark. Dr. Talei prefers to treat port wine stains as early as possible. In infants and children, the skin responds more quickly to the treatments, yielding the best results. However, treatments can successfully be made in adults too.

Dr. Talei has dual fellowship training in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vascular Birthmarks and Congenital Anomalies with Laser Surgery. His knowledge and experience in port wine stain treatments makes him on of the most successful and sought after physicians for such birth marks.  Extensive experience has advanced our practice to often include surgical resection of certain Port Wine Stains especially for Hypertrophic Port Wine Stains. This can be performed on the face or the body, combining laser treatment with resection and advanced reconstruction to obtain the most impressive results. On occasion, Dr. Talei also uses cutting edge medical therapies to help treat the most resistant stains by using topical Sirolimus (Rapamycin) in between laser treatments. 

If you or your child have this type of birthmark, contact our Port Wine Stain Removal Specialists at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Talei. A thorough examination of the affected area, discussion of the treatment and achievable results will take place. Dr. Talei will also make sure that his patients understand that port wine stains can reappear, so reoccurring treatments may be necessary.

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Peter S.
Literally one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world. You will NOT regret being treated by this highly skilled professional. He's a mensch, too.
darci t.
I am absolutely ecstatic about my results!!!!!! I am a model and actress as well as an occasional TV host. I have been performing upkeep for my face and lips in Beverly Hills for years and I was convinced I was with the most talented and famous surgeons and dermatologists, but boy was I wrong! One visit with Dr. Talei and my life has changed. He clearly and quickly explained the slow imbalance which had happened in my lips and face over time and we planned for a lip lift procedure. I did this under local anesthesia with no pain at all! He's the ONLY surgeon who can do this with NO scarring. All other doctors I reviewed had scars on at least half their patients. Now all of my friends in plastic surgery and fashion compliment me much more and they have no idea what I had done. This man is AMAZING!!!!
Jennette C.
I went to Dr Talei for under eye filler using Restylane. Dr Talei was very thorough with each step in the process and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was quick and painless! My under eyes have always been an insecurity for me and when I looked in the mirror after he was done I was beyond impressed with his work. I felt more confident and beautiful. I was able to leave his office and go right back to work! I highly recommend Dr Talei. He's friendly, has a lovely staff and truly cares about making his patients happy.
Lauren F.
My experience with Dr. Ben Talei was very positive. He answered all my questions prior to the procedure and made me feel very comfortable. Before meeting him, I had heard all the rave about his work, and I am so glad I went through with the visit. I was very insecure with my "eleven" deep wrinkles in between my eyebrows, he was very fast and clean with this procedure and I couldn't be more grateful for this minor adjustment that has brought me a major confidence boost. Thank you Dr. Talei
Bryan B.
Ben is a skilled professional. I would have no hesitation recommending Ben and his team to my friends or family. He is passionate about his work and this passion shows in the exceptionally high standard of care that he provides to his patients (both in his practice and in his humanitarian work). You’re in good hands with Ben and his staff!
Danielle B.
I used to see Dr Ben in New York and now I fly to LA to see him. I have no room for error and he is absolutely the only plastic surgeon I trust. Everyone else seems to be out for money. Every time I'm in his waiting room all I hear is praises and how he's the greatest. I completely agree. He's the most talented surgeon I've ever seen. It's worth the flight
Kelly H.
I have worked in health care in Los Angeles for over 20 years and have always hesitated in referring plastic surgeons to my clients. Dr. Ben Talei, MD is in a class of his own. I am so pleased to be able to refer to Dr. Talei without hesitation, and consistently receive outstanding feedback on him. Dr. Talei brings a wealth of experience and exceptional skill, along with cutting edge techniques to his practice. Not only does Dr. Talei excel in every facet of care, but he has also cultivated a warm, kind and patient bedside manner that is second to none. Dr. Talei's office is a dynamic patient focused environment, I urge you to visit him!
Holly K.
Ben is amazing! Was my first time getting botox and it was virtually painless. Marks were gone in minutes. Thanks Ben you're the best!!!