Ben Talei, MD
Board Certified.
Dual Fellowship Trained.
Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Male Cheek, Chin, & Jaw Augmentation

At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery we treat a large variety of men seeking natural improvements in their appearance. Dr. Talei is a Dual Ivy League and Dual Fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in the both surgical and non-invasive techniques for male facial augmentation and rejuvenation.

Cheek Augmentation

The cheek is a very 3-Dimestional structure and does not limit itself to just the bone. A close analysis must be performed to analyze the bony and soft tissue components of the cheek as well as the projection of the cheek in all 3 dimensions. Some patients will benefit from bony augmentation while others require soft tissue enhancement. Ethnicity plays a large role in position of the cheek as well and the surgeon with the patient must carefully determine the desired improvement. Cheek augmentation can be performed to provide a more masculine look, younger appearance or simply a more harmonious facial balance.

Bony Augmentation

Building on the bony pyramid of the cheek can be very simply performed with fillers in order to rapidly provide anterior or lateral projection. Fillers most commonly used for this are Voluma and Radiesse which are longer lasting, but nearly every type of Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) filler may be used.

If longer-lasting or more significant results are desired, the patient may elect to receive a facial implant. The implants may be placed a variety of ways but are most commonly placed through hidden incisions in the mouth. Over time, this is the less-costly and more significant form of augmentation. The type of implant used depends on the patient’s facial characteristics as well as surgeon preference.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Soft tissue augmentation can be used to improve the appearance of the tired or aging face. Typically facial fillers such as HLA fillers or fat transfer methods are used to achieve this depending on the patients needs. These techniques can improve hollowing, saggy appearing skin, shadowing, wrinkles, and grooves amongst of host of other issues. Soft tissue augmentation can often be combined with bony augmentation to provide the most natural and noticeable improvement.

Fat transfer may be performed over several minor sessions using fat removed from the abdomen. This may be performed under local anesthesia. HLA Facial fillers may be used as well and provide a very reliable result. The type of filler used depends on where in the cheek the filler is injected.

Chin Augmentation

The chin, like the cheek, is a very 3 Dimensional structure. Although reduction may easily be performed, most men in our practice request augmentation or enhancement. Using careful analysis and photography, the surgeon and patient can determine together the extent of augmentation desired as well as the dimension or vector in which the change is to be made.

The most commonly performed type of augmentation is performed using an implant, which is placed through a hidden incision under the chin. A large variety of implants are available depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired result. This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia upon patient request.

Another great and simple way to obtain changes in the chin is to use facial fillers. Facial fillers used in the chin are predictable and can give a great result, but they are temporary as all facial fillers are.

Jaw Augmentation

Jaw augmentation procedures are a wonderful way to enhance the definition of the angle of the mandible and along the jawline. Men with weaker jawlines gain great benefit from this as it not only strengthens the appearance of the jaw, but it creates a more refined jawline and neck. Jaw augmentation may be performed with an implants through hidden incisions through the mouth or with Facial Fillers as with other areas in the face. Both have demonstrated significant, natural and reliable results.

Some patients elect to undergo jaw reduction. For most patients, this simply entails the use of Botox injections to decrease the size of a large masseter or chewing muscle (Masseteric Hypertrophy). The Botox injections are performed over several sessions in order to atrophy and shrink the muscle. In these cases, Botox, Xeomin and Dysport have been shown to be the most effective. If bony reduction is indicated, Dr. Talei works with Orthognathic specialists in order to provide the best care for his patients.

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