Ben Talei, MD
Board Certified.
Dual Fellowship Trained.
Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Beverly Hills Ethnic Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most obvious features on the face, so it’s no wonder that people of all races elect to have nose surgery to make theirs more symmetrical. At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Ben Talei is the surgeon African American, Asian, Middle Eastern or Hispanic patients turn to for ethnic rhinoplasty.

The primary goal of Dr. Talei’s procedures are to achieve your goals while providing you with the most natural results. Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a specialty all its own because of the importance of making the necessary changes while staying true to the ethic background of the patient.

During your consultation, Dr. Talei will want to know what specific goals you have for your surgery so he can tailor the procedure just for you. Dr. Talei’s surgeries are not a cookie-cutter approach, but based on the wants and needs of the patient.

During the ethnic rhinoplasty, Dr. Talei can make changes to the cartilage, underlying bone structure, make the nasal tip more aesthetic, build up a flattened nasal bridge or narrow the nostrils for a softer, more subtle look.

Rhinoplasty procedures are typically performed one of two ways. The open approach is a procedure that involves making small incisions across the nose. The closed approach is a surgical procedure that is solely performed inside of the nose, leaving no external scars.

Dr. Talei is an expert surgeon with experience in a variety of ethnic backgrounds. His unique skill-set, artistic eye and precise hand in surgery, makes him one of the most best physicians in the industry. He holds a dual fellowship training in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vascular Birthmarks and Congenital Anomalies with Laser Surgery.

Whatever goals you have for your procedure, you can trust that Dr. Talei will create a look that’s perfect for you. Contact our Ethnic Rhinoplasty Specialists at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery today for your consultation.

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