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Expert Tips on Caring for Plastic Surgery Scars

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Undergoing plastic surgery can be a transformative experience, but it often comes with concerns about scarring. At Beverly Hills Center, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei utilizes advanced techniques to minimize scarring, ensuring patients receive the best possible aesthetic outcomes. However, proper scar care post-surgery is crucial for minimizing the visibility of scars. Here, we  … Continue reading post Expert Tips on Caring for Plastic Surgery Scars

Top 5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift

beautiful woman with blonde long hair looking at camera having excited and happy facial expression

Deciding to undergo a facelift is a significant decision that many individuals contemplate when seeking solutions for aging-related changes in their appearance. At the Beverly Hills Center, Dr. Ben Talei, a renowned facial plastic surgeon, understands the complexities behind this choice. In this blog, we will explore the top five tell-tale signs indicating you might  … Continue reading post Top 5 Tell-Tale Signs You’re an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift

The Value of a Healthy Mindset Before Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular as a means of enhancing one’s appearance and boosting self-confidence. However, it’s crucial to approach these procedures with a healthy attitude and realistic expectations. Dr. Ben Talei at the Beverly Hills Center, a renowned expert in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, emphasizes the importance of a balanced perspective when considering  … Continue reading post The Value of a Healthy Mindset Before Plastic Surgery

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Celebrating Diversity while Enhancing Beauty

joyful girl with headband in hair laughing against the trees and sunset

In the world of cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty stands out as one of the most sought-after procedures. However, as our world becomes increasingly interconnected and diverse, it’s crucial that cosmetic procedures, especially rhinoplasty, evolve to address the unique characteristics and beauty standards of various ethnicities. At the Beverly Hills Center, under the guidance of Dr. Ben  … Continue reading post Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Celebrating Diversity while Enhancing Beauty

Jawline Softening with Non-Surgical Masseter Reduction

woman with a nice profile

At Beverly Hills Center, we understand that achieving a softer, more feminine jawline is a common aesthetic goal for many women. If you’re looking to refine your facial features, particularly by softening a square or prominent jawline, there are several non-surgical options available, including masseter reduction treatments. What is Masseter Reduction? The masseter muscle, located  … Continue reading post Jawline Softening with Non-Surgical Masseter Reduction

Eating Right for Recovery: Best Foods Post-Plastic Surgery

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Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a significant decision that involves careful planning and preparation. While you’re probably aware of post-operative care instructions, the foods you consume after your surgery can also play a crucial role in your healing process. Renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei of The Beverly Hills Center, values the importance  … Continue reading post Eating Right for Recovery: Best Foods Post-Plastic Surgery

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Our Patient Reviews

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 66 reviews

Hedy Hobbs

I have done an abundant amount of research over the years regarding different types of face lift procedures, looking at pictures of their outcomes and I kept circling back to Dr. Talei – so needless to say, I was prepared with a list of questions when I went for my consultation. In order to leave a deep impression on someone, you need to make them feel something ... preferably something good. During my visit, all his staff, from front desk to nurses, were polite, respectful and professional. I’ll join the chorus of other reviews from those who found Dr. Talei warm, engaging and sincere. I will add that he was very candid about what procedures he thought would be best where I would be happy with the results and the pros/cons of alternatives – no snake oil here. As luck would have it, I was also able to see the results of his recommended surgery on one of his recent patients and get all my questions answered. He’s booked for the next 4 months which is a testament to his skill and demand.

Stephanie Baldwin

Professionalism, prompt and amazing results and 3 words I could sum up Dr. Ben and his staff. When I first visited Dr. Talei I was nervous like anyone would be before a procedure but Ben and his staff made me feel right at home and comfortable. You can tell he has a gift and natural talent. His staff topped of my services with their outstanding customer service , professionalism , knowledge and helpfulness. I had so many questions and concerns and they put me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Ben and all he does. You wont be disappointed.

Cirquelde LLC

Dr. Talei is talented, down-to-earth, warm and an all around great guy. I'd recommend him because you'll get the best experience while in his care and for his talent. He does amazing lip lifts, scar revisions, blemish removal, fillers, you name it. He also cares about making the world a better place through charity work and donating his services to those in need. Really all you could ask for in a human, let alone a doctor. And a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at that. His staff are super nice and his office is the coolest. I will be going back for angioma removal and acne scar revision, very trustworthy doctor.

Maria G

I want to give doctor Ben Talei and his team 5 stars, because since the moment I walked in the team was very professional. Doctor super professional and answer all my questions and made me feel very comfortable and relax. GOD BLESS. Truly recommend

Anya Golden

I’ve been going to Dr. Ben Talei for several years and I absolutely love him. My favorite procedure I’ve gotten is the profound RF facial. The results were astounding! The downtime was only 2 weeks and I looked five years younger. It was basically a face lift without any surgery. I love how kind, generous, thorough, intelligent, talented, funny, and most importantly conservative Dr. Ben is with his patients. Unlike many doctors who simply want to make the most money from their clients, Ben will never do anything that he feels will not have the best long-term results. If he thinks a procedure will have complications and won’t look good in the long run, he will not perform it. I have recommended Dr Ben to all of my friends and my husband. Everyone has had nothing but the best experience with him and they always come back. Thank you so much Dr. Talei for keeping me looking my best !

Ninon Aprea

Amazing Doctor and Staff!! Dr. Talei is incredibly talented and thoughtful. The staff are THE BEST!!! Professional, kind, supportive, punctual, friendly and highly trained. You are in the best hands here.

Nicole Miller

My experience with Dr Talei has been GREAT every single time! I am so grateful I finally found a doctor that really cares about his patients. He is very compassionate and immediately understood my problems and helped me fix them. He is extremely knowledgeable, talented and generous. I've never met a doctor like him and I am beyond grateful to have him as my doctor. He's results say everything about how talented he truly is. He's the best at what he does!!! He's friendly and warm and his staff is really nice too. I recommend him to everyone who's looking for a good doctor. I only trust him with my face!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ahlam Shalabi

Dr. Talei and his staff were amazing. I went in for a consultation and was blown away by the entire staff. Their professionalism, kindness and interest in their client's satisfaction and comfort was obvious and genuine.