Ben Talei, MD
Board Certified.
Dual Fellowship Trained.
Facial Plastic Surgeon.


When considering any changes to your face, make sure to consult a true specialist. The last thing you want is uncertainty when it comes to outcomes and results. The field of facial rejuvenation has advanced substantially over the past de cade and a large variety of surgical and non-surgical options are now available. Al though surgery is typically more effective and long er lasting, the results from non-surgical treatments can be quite impressive.

What is a Laser Facelift?

There is no single definition for a Laser Facelift. Some physicians will us e this term to describe a regular facelift, which utilizes a laser for some portions of t he procedure just as a scalpel would be used. Others use this term to descr ibe a facelift combined with laser resurfacing of the skin. Some physicians will use the term Laser Facelift to describe deep skin heating techniques, which can give some of the improvements you see with a classic facelift.

Dr. Talei uses the term Laser Facelift to describe a non-surgical lift perfor med by using the most effective tightening device on the market to date – the Profound, by Syneron-Candela. By coupling microneedling with radiofrequency therma l energy you can obtain quite impressive results. The Profound can treat the face by improving wrinkles, lines, drooping, pore size, rosacea and even a cne. The machine also has the ability to tighten the neck and shrink fat while elegantly contour ing the cheeks and jawline.

This treatment has had a 100% patient satisfaction rate in our practice as wel l as clinical studies, which cannot be said for most other devices. Although you ca n ’ t really compare the results to advanced facelifting techniques, such as those performed by Dr. Talei, the response we have seen from patients is quite imp ressive. Patients are ecstatic with their improved skin quality and rejuvenated app earance. Most patients are complimented on having lost weight as well. When further s kin resurfacing is required, Dr. Talei will combine this treatment with fractional laser skin treatments.

What is a Micro Facelift?

Just as with a Mini Facelift or a Laser Facelift, there is no single definition for a Micr o Facelift. Dr. Talei uses this term to describe the changes you can realistically expe ct from his Laser Facelift. Other surgeons may use this term to describe the Vamp ire Facelift, using PRP or to describe various types of thread lifts. Dr. Talei does not typically perform those types of procedures given their low rate of success a nd high rate of variability from patient to patient. What is the recovery or down time for a Laser Facelift? When undergoing extensive Radio Frequency tightening, you can expect 5 days of facial swelling. If the neck is treated, you can expect the same. There is not much maintenance during this time that patients need to worry about. If superficial la ser resurfacing is performed at the same time with a fractionated laser, s ome further skin care may be required as the superficial layer of skin peels.

When will I see the results of a Laser Facelift?

The improvement in skin quality can be seen after 1-2 weeks and will continu e to improve over the next year. The tightening and contouring of the face and neck start to show at 3 weeks and continue to improve over the next year as well. The improvements seen with almost all other devices are typically due to swell ing seen in the face, which is why they only last 6-8 months on average.

How long do the results for a Laser or Micro Facelift Last?

Results and improvements seen with most devices on the market last only as lo ng as the swelling lasts. Most patients report that they see an improvement o nly for 6- 8 months, if they see one at all.

With the Profound MicroLift, the results are more apparent and have been rep orted to last around 3 years. The microneedling technology bypasses the limitati ons seen in other devices. In order for a treatment to be effective, it must deliver energ y into the deep layer of the skin. Most ultrasound and radiofrequency devices do this by sending energy through the superficial layer down into the deep laye r. This limits the amount of energy delivered as too much would burn or damage the su perficial skin. The Profound fixes this problem by bypassing the superficial laye r and targeting the deep layer directly and precisely with insulated microneedles . This is why the results are so much longer lasting and more impressive.

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